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MailArchive Scalable, Managed or Hosted

MailArchive is the best-value approach to securely store and retrieve email messages for compliance.  Exchange, iMail, Domino, Post-Fix and other mail servers are supported using journaling push or IMAP client pull techniques.  This HP based server  includes redundancy - 750 GB disks in a mirrored configuration for limitless scalability.  A write-able DVD is available  to archive or copy records. 

Easy to use Web GUI allows you to search and retrieve based on user-name, recipient, date, time, and subject.  Single-Instance-Storage gives you storage efficiency.  xDefenders provides remote management, monitoring and maintenance support services or as a hosted service.

MailArchive - managed, secure email appliance

Email is a necessary business tool. So is the need to archive any email using a tamper-proof storage.  It is easier and more accurate to search through a Mail Archive system than it is to search through multiple back-up tapes!


Both government and trade-association regulators require an organization to store and reproduce any email  which is considered an official corporate document at any time as far back as seven years. Emails must be stored in their original form. The storage device should not allow any alteration of stored emails.

Naturally, each organization has some unique needs and the Mail Archive product is very flexible. xDefenders will help you define rules of engagement for employees, partners, clients, investors and the general public. We help perform the initial configuration and provide remote support.

Mail Archive Software

The numerous applications that must work together to address the security and access needs of even a small organization is considerable. Each application can be complex and difficult to learn how to configure. The complexity is multiplied when you look at integrating the applications.


Recognizing that such an effort is a challenge for most organizations, xDefenders has invested considerable effort to integrating the Mail Archive product, using custom software. Thus, xDefenders enables you to cost-effectively leverage superior Linux and open source technology. Moreover, xDefenders supports the software so that you do not need to maintain a development staff to keep up with changes.

Major Features

Accepts Journaling or can use IMAP to pull records automatically and regularly
Single Instance Storage
GUI Web Mail Interface to search and retrieve
Partial Text Searching
Automated  Backup process to DVD
Remote Management and Monitoring

Mail Archive Hardware

xDefenders includes a reputable, scalable server hardware platform (HP), with a disk-controller based tray of 4 to 14 disks.  The tray contains multiple, mirrored hard disk pairs, ample memory, and an attached DVD writer to provide monthly archives on removable media and offload older emails. 

Very scalable at the processor, memory and storage levels of this configuration.  Up to 8 cpu and 8 GB memory supported in the HP 1RU server.  Multiple Disk trays can support 500 or 750 GB mirrored disks