Secure eMail, Encrypted email

ZixCorp started the encryption "rage" back in 2000.  They researched GLBA (financial) and HIPAA (health-care) legislation and created an air-tight system, with accurate content inspection to protect individual privacy and confidentiality.

The advantages of Zix are:

  • Its a self-service model so you can send email to anyone on the Internet
  • The Branded, Compose Portal allows for Internet users (your customers) to initiate secure email to you
  • The accuracy of the Zix Lexicons for automatic inspection and encryption is un-surpassed
  • They are the Industry Leader and when sending to another Zix user, no password is needed.

Zix Partner

In 2007 and 2008, xDefenders was awarded by ZixCorp as their "Partner-of-the-Year". 

xDefenders has the secure data center (SAS 70 II) and the expert staff needed to deliver secure (encrypted) email services to financial, health-care and other organizations, where email privacy is critical.

We are authorized to re-sell the GateWay Appliances, the Branded Portals and our Hosted Services. 

  • Hosted Zix Service with employee licensing
  • Zix GateWay Appliances
  • Branded, Compose Zix Portals
  • Zix Lexicons for Content Inspection (financial and health-care) and automatic encryption
  • ZixMail desktop licenses

We can provide a Strategic Zix Solution or a Tactical Zix Solution to meet your needs and budget.